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How To Build A Greenhouse On A Shoestring Budget Introduction

How To Build A Greenhouse On A Shoestring Budget Introduction

To begin with, a greenhouse can be as simple as a frame with a sheet of plastic or as complex as the arboretum in Brooklyn, NY. This book will stay on the small side of possible designs and how to build a solid but inexpensive structure for your area.

A word on different areas of the U.S. and Canada: if you are in the mid-Atlantic or one of the Northeastern states, you generally will not have to contend with the 100+ mile per hour winds that people in the Great Plains, Rocky Mountain States or Florida get on various occasions. This is not to say that the mid-Atlantic does not get really strong storms. You will get the occasional hurricane or Nor’easter from Canada. These have strong winds but from my experience the winds rarely exceed 100 MPH. In the Front Range of the Rockies and the Great Plains, you can get these speeds of wind at nearly any time of the year. I lost a greenhouse to high winds last year when the moorings came undone due to the PVC pipes separating at a few joints. In New England, you will need to contend with colder climates than any of the southern states such as Georgia or Florida. The hills of Tennessee get severely cold weather, snow and high winds. The climate where you plan to build your greenhouse must be taken into consideration when you start your design.

1. What is the temperature throughout the year?
2. What wind speeds should I expect?
3. How much space do I really need?
4. Is the greenhouse going to be used for a few months or year round?
5. What do I want to grow?

There are many more questions that will come up when you start your design. These are just some of the more common concerns. You will also need to consider what material you want to use in the construction and what type of covering you want for your greenhouse. There are many types of covers available. A major deciding factor is how much you want to spend. A poly Tunnel with a plastic cover or frost sheet is much less expensive than a Lexan® covered Traditional design. I will put a price comparison in the appendix for reference.

Greenhouses come in many different designs. The basic designs in use for hobby farmers are:

  • Tunnel
  • Traditional
  • Gothic
  • Lean-To
  • Dome

There are many variations on these designs. Your imagination and building skills are the only limits.

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