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7 Secrets To Saving Your Marriage Introduction

7 Secrets To Saving Your Marriage Introduction

You’ve no doubt heard of the “Seven-year itch” in marriages? It’s more than just an urban legend. Half of all first marriage send in divorce by the time they hit the seven-year anniversary.

The truly sad aspect of this is that nothing is apparently learned from the first marriage to the second. You may expect the divorce rates for second marriages to fall. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead the rate of divorce for second
marriages is actually 10 percent higher than for first time marriages.

Of course, the stress of two income households and the ease with which couples seem to “grow apart” are only two reasons for the climb in statistics.

Society has knocked down many barriers to divorce in recent decades. It’s no longer considered the stigma it once was. Today, “no-fault” divorces can be obtained in nearly all parts of the country. This means that only one of the partners needs to desire the divorce for it to occur.

Of course, this is an important advance — and quite necessary –for any individual who is caught in an abusive marriage.

But it also means that many individuals find it far too easy to just walk away from a relationship that may have potential for

But that’s not the only harbinger of change on the American landscape regarding relationships. It seems more people than
ever before are sidestepping the need for a divorce. How? By avoiding the Number One cause of divorce in the first place:

Perhaps this sounds silly, but it’s very true. Years ago, 95 percent of Americans got married. Predictions are that only 85 percent of us will enter into a marriage these days.

Perhaps you’re in the midst of a less than happy, fulfilling relationship right now. You certainly can choose divorce. After all, it’s the easiest choice in many ways. But you’d rather stay married (yes, to the person with whom you’re currently married to, in fact) rather than suffer the ultimate heartbreak of divorce.

This book will help you do exactly that. It offers you seven of the most effective secrets that not merely avoid divorce, but
create a loving lasting relationship in the process.

Hopefully by the time you’ve implemented some or all of the seven secrets, you won’t be signing those divorce papers, you’ll
be renewing your vows in a recommitment wedding ceremony!

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