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The Money Mindset And Living Financially Free Introduction

The Money Mindset And Living Financially Free Introduction

Those who truly want to attain a financially free mindset, have only to set their minds on it, and acquire the proper means, as they do in relation to any other aim which they want to achieve, and it can be easily done.

But however simple it might be to make revenue, I have no doubt many will agree it’s the hardest thing in the world to hold on to it. It consists merely in spending less than we bring in; that appears to be a really simple issue. A lot of our readers might say, “we comprehend this: this is mindset, and we know mindset is wealth; we know we can’t eat our cake and have it as well.”

True mindset is misconceived, and individuals go through life without properly grasping what that principle is.

One says, “I’ve an income of so much, and here is my neighbor who has the same; yet yearly he flourishes and I fall short; why is it? I understand all about mindset.” He thinks he does, but he doesn’t.

There are men who believe that mindset consists in scrimping, in cutting off two cents from the wash bill and doing all sorts of little, mean things. Mindset isn’t meanness.

The misfortune is, likewise, that this class of individuals let their mindset apply in only one direction. They fancy they’re so wonderfully frugal in saving a penny where they should spend two cents that they think they can afford to waste in other directions.

But the difficulty doesn’t end here. Feeling that she is so frugal in candles, she believes she can afford to go often to spend 20 or 30 dollars for ribbons and frills, many of which are not essential. This false belief may frequently be seen in other instances.

You find great businessmen who save old envelopes and scraps of paper. This is all OK; they might in this way save 5 or 10 dollars a year, but being so frugal (only in paper), they believe they can afford to squander time; to have expensive parties, and to drive their fancy cars. This is an illustration of “penny wise and pound foolish.” I never knew a man to succeed by applying this sort of mindset.

True sound financial mindset consists in always making the profit exceed the expenditure. Wear the old clothes a bit longer if essential; give up the new pair of gloves; fix the old dress: exist on plainer food if need be; so that, under all conditions, unless some unexpected accident happens, there will be an allowance in favor of the profit.

A penny here and a dollar there saved, goes on accumulating, and in that way the desired result is accomplished. It requires some training, possibly, to achieve this mindset, but when once used to it, you’ll discover there’s more satisfaction in rational saving than in irrational spending.

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